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Heritages and Museums

Alto de la Alianza is a historical monument and landmark in the south of Peru, near the city of Tacna, where a crucial battle on May 26, 1880 took place. Address: Alto de la Alianza, Tacna, Peru Phone +51 52 411716

Zela House, also called Zela House City Theater, is a museum located in the center of Tacna, Peru. Francisco Antonio de Zela, an important forerunner to Peruvian independence, once lived there. Address: Calle Zela 542, Tacna, Peru, Phone: +51 943 464 125

Las Peañas Site Museum is an archaeological museum located in the department of Tacna. The museum covers chronologically from 8,000 years old to the colony. The museum is located in an area that was excavated between the years 1981-1982. There he found several mummies 7 that are on display as well as archaeological remains found during the excavation.

National Railway Museum of Peru is located in Tacna. Placed in the old-Tacna-Arica railway station, the location is particularly attractive because it has been preserved intact with many of the elements used during the second half of the nineteenth century. Address: 2 De Mayo, Tacna, Peru, Phone: +51 965 074 455

Tacna Historical Museum, is a museum, located in the center of the city of Tacna, Peru. In the rooms, you can see documents and objects from the time of the emancipation, independence, and the war with Chile. Address: Apurimac 202, Tacna, Peru, Phone: +51 52 971483